Wedding Flower Price Guide

At Rosedale House, we understand that our wedding parties want to take time to plan their perfect day and that part of that process is to budget for your special day. That’s way we have created a price guide. Below you will see a price guide for Lincolnshire Wedding Flowers.

All our bridal packages are bespoke and tailored to the bride and grooms style and budget. We provide these prices as a guide and can vary due to season, individual requirements and the availability of some flowers.


Bride and Bridesmaid flowers

Fresh flowers enhance your wedding in every way but the floral accessory that your guests will remember is the bridal bouquet. It is tradition for the bride and bridesmaids to carry flowers during the wedding ceremony.

Shower bouquet – prices from around £120 – A bouquet of flowers and foliage that flows down from the holder, full at the top, trailing down into a teardrop shape. Usually this style is carried by the bride, although smaller versions can be carried by bridesmaids.

Hand-tied bouquet – prices from around £65 – Very popular with modern brides, this style has a natural feel that suits todays understated wedding fashion.

Pomanders – prices from around £45 – A ball of flowers and foliage arranged into a globe shape ball that is suspended from a looped ribbon. Usually carried by a younger bridesmaid.

Basket – prices from around £35 – Flowers arranged into a basket with handle. Usually carried by a younger bridesmaid.

Hoop – prices from around £35 – This design comprises of a hoop having flowers interwoven around the hoop or 3 – 5 corsages attached at intervals. Usually carried by a younger bridesmaid.


Hair Flowers

Flowers can be used to decorate the hair of the bride and bridesmaids.

Circlet – Prices from around £25 – A head-dress made in a circular design to fit the circumference of the head.

Alice Band – Prices from around £20 – A head-dress designed to be worn high on the forehead and from ear-to-ear.

Hair comb – Prices from around £12.50 – A corsage style head-dress attached to a hair comb.


Floral Accessories

Buttonholes or corsages are traditionally given to immediate family, some couples also like to give each of their guests a flower as a symbol of their love and friendship.

Buttonholes – Prices from around £9.00 – A selection of flowers and foliage assembled and pinned to the left of the groomsmen’ jackets.

Corsage – Price from around £12.50 – A selection of flowers and foliage assembled and pinned to the left chest. Corsages are usually worn by women. These are slightly larger but lighter in appearance and worn by close family of the Bride and Groom.

Venue & Ceremony Arrangements

We work with our Brides and Bridegrooms to ensure that they are able to maximise the visual placement of flowers between ceremony and at your wedding reception.  This prices below are just a guide.

Pedestal arrangement

Church window arrangements

Table Centres

Marquee tie back

Pew ends

Aerial arrangements