Rosedale House Floral Designs

Tillandsia & King Protea for Wedding Flowers at Horncastle Florist

Yesterday we had an exciting order in complete with Tillandsia and Protea King. Both of these flowers are strikingly beautiful in their own way.

The Protea King, has a stunning crown like form with soft pink shaded petals, velvet to touch. In contrast to the strong light green leaves staggered down its stem. I am looking forward to working with you this week to create a beautiful arrangement for our Luxury Boutique B&B The Elm Tree at Hundleby and within a bouquet or two.

Tillandsia – Air Plant, one of 650 species of flowering perennials is now in stock. We love the silver pale green foliage, the striking shape and its elegant simplicity provides a modern twist to any arrangement or bridal bouquet.


As a dedicated, hardworking professional I am excited to be creating bespoke floral designs covering all genres of floral design including traditional, modern, classic, contemporary and vintage. I have lived in Lincolnshire for four years and fall in love with the stunningly beautiful countryside. Living in a village just outside Horncastle it is a delight to be able to serve a rural community with a full floral service. Rosedale House Floral Designs, flowers are of the highest quality imported from Holland on a daily basis to ensure that flowers are of the highest quality and long lasting. We provide an in-house service called Friday flowers where one of our designs creates a bespoke design to suit your home. These can be changed at timely intervals to suit you and your family. We also provide arrangements for corporate events and business reception areas - making your work environment more appealing to customers or clients. Our Lincolnshire Wedding service has been extended and we now travel beyond Lincolnshire to create your perfect day - framing it with flowers. I believe that if you find a job you love - you will never work a day in your. life.