Rosedale House Floral Designs

Florist’s First Christmas

Our florist’s first Christmas, Rosedale House Floral Designs were delighted to host a stall at the Horncastle Victorian Christmas Market on Sunday 4th December 2016. Having a stall on the Christmas market was initially daunting, our ‘florist first Christmas’ market was  overwhelming, welcoming and positive as customers responded positively to our bespoke designs.  Following its success we will be looking to visit different markets across Lincolnshire in 2017.

Michelle on the Christmas Market

The image is taken by Peter Roworth a fabulous photographer. Michelle is on the Rosedale House stall at the Horncastle Victorian Christmas Market.

As festive celebrations draw closer and our homes are filled with the scent of mulled wine, pine needles and mince pies. At Rosedale House we are delighted to be working with our customers to create unique table and Christmas tree decorations, garlands, wreaths, window displays and dinner party gifts. Our bespoke approach to floristry allows our creative thinking design team to personalise arrangements to meet customer expectations through our pre-order system.

img_2284We have been able to source some of our Christmas greens locally to support Lincolnshire’s flower industry. Our door and sympathy wreaths have been made using traditional techniques. Furthermore, we have been delighted to run two wreath making workshops of different techniques to create either a table wreath or door wreath.

Coupled with our modern approach to floristry we like to celebrate Christmas in traditional ways. We have recently sourced, British Mistletoe to uphold the ancient romantic Norse tradition of ‘kissing under the mistletoe’. The tradition states that it is bad luck to refuse a kiss beneath the mistletoe. After the kiss, the couple is to pluck one of the berries from the branch. Once all the berries are gone, the bouquet no longer has the power to command kisses. So if you hang mistletoe this year, make sure it has plenty of berries. Decorative bundles mistletoe will be available for purchase in store later this week.


As a dedicated, hardworking professional I am excited to be creating bespoke floral designs covering all genres of floral design including traditional, modern, classic, contemporary and vintage. I have lived in Lincolnshire for four years and fall in love with the stunningly beautiful countryside. Living in a village just outside Horncastle it is a delight to be able to serve a rural community with a full floral service. Rosedale House Floral Designs, flowers are of the highest quality imported from Holland on a daily basis to ensure that flowers are of the highest quality and long lasting. We provide an in-house service called Friday flowers where one of our designs creates a bespoke design to suit your home. These can be changed at timely intervals to suit you and your family. We also provide arrangements for corporate events and business reception areas - making your work environment more appealing to customers or clients. Our Lincolnshire Wedding service has been extended and we now travel beyond Lincolnshire to create your perfect day - framing it with flowers. I believe that if you find a job you love - you will never work a day in your. life.